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Camel Race Day


Its arrived!! At long last it is the season for racing. After having trained for close to a year, the camels get their chance to prove themselves.Those who have arrived early are relaxing, its warm, and they know that they will need all their energy for later on, once the racing starts. Others are arriving, all excited, and happy that the time has finally arrived.


For some of the others, its just a normal day in the desert…..But wait, these are the ones on sale..once the races are over, many of the traders and owners of other camels will come here to inspect them and see if they will fit into, and benefit the herds that they already have.


Back on the race-track, its not yet time for the races to start, and there are some that have come just to add a bit of flavor to the races. They do a leisurely lap on one of the tracks,  as if sampling what it would be like to race on it some day.


OK, things are warming up now, suddenly the place has turned very active and businesslike. Announcements are made, and the herders start moving the camels towards the start pits. It is interesting to watch, because the animals are nervous, and anxious to get it over and done…slowly and reluctantly, they all make their ways through the gates and towards the start line.


After a lot of coaxing and pushing, the camels are finally in their places and are waiting for the barrier to be raised in order to display their prowess and speed achieved over the past year.


And then, without any warning the barrier is raised, and they are off……..


It is a spectacle well worth watching. The dedication shown by the herders, the love between the owners and their animals, the entire festival with traditional tents, cultural dances and campfires, it is almost too good to be true. If you are ever in the Middle East during Camel Festival time (it generally happens between December and March), this is one event that you should witness.



“One FC” comes to Dubai


The First “One FC” took place in Dubai last Friday, and being able to be there and cover the event was an experience that was not to be missed. A very special thanks to #JustinNG for this great opportunity.


Featuring 3 huge World Championship Title Fights and 6 other fights, this event was the largest event for Mixed Martial Arts to be held in Dubai.

With an audience of over 5000 to witness this event, the evening was a buzz of activity and noise. The pretty ring girls added to the excitement as they went round the “cage” announcing the rounds.


The contenders caused a lot of excitement and an adrenaline rush as they walked into the arena where they changed up, and after being checked by the officials, entered the cage. This image of James McSweeney is just one of the views of the fighters.


Two of the reigning World Champions lost their crowns to the contenders, while Shinya Aoki was the only one who retained his title.


Taking these images were not easy, there was very limited and erratic light, lots of smoke and the fighters kept moving around in the cage rather quickly. Added to that was the fact that we we unable to get close to the ring…we had no access,  the limited spots near the ring were already given to others. But it was a huge opportunity,and we grabbed it, and were determined to make the best of it…its not always that you get a chance to cover an event like this.