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A Busy Shoreline

It was just turning bright and so we decided to take a walk to the beach and along the seashore. We were not expecting to find anything interesting, but being the shutterbugs that we are, took the cameras along. And it was good that we did…the place was buzzing with activity. From people swimming, jogging, doing yoga, playing football etc…we seemed to be the lazy ones out there.

What however caught our eyes were the local fishermen. From surveying the waters, to casting their nets, collecting the fish, and repeating the process till they had a large enough catch, it was a treat to be there with them.


A careful inspection of the water and the tide gives them an indication as to where and when the nets should be cast to have the chance of catching some fish.


Each fisherman seemed to have his own style in casting the net, in some cases, like above, this was a low underarm swing.


This mans approach was different. The net was twirled around the body once, then cast from over the head.


Time to haul in the nets, and inspect the catch (if any)


This was the boring part….after each cast, the nets had to be cleaned of debris, and folded into position again before the next attempt.


And then there were some who cast their nets from the boats…

The pictures have been posted in monochrome because it relates more to the situation these fishermen face. Most days the skies, (and hence the water) is void of color when they fish; giving them more of a monotonous and bored impression.

Rowing for Glory



Very often while making pictures we are undecided as to whether we should use a wider angle and capture all of the action at the same time, or if we should chose one subject and zoom in close to get maximum detail out of it. A difficult choice to make, but we don’t generally get a second chance especially with the action shots, so plan in advance what you would like to focus on before you take the shot.

This was taken at the Dragon boat Festival held at the Festival City in Dubai earlier this year. It was a warm day, but not very bright; slightly hazy, and very humid. Taking pictures was a little challenging, because the sweat kept pouring down our faces, and burning our eyes. The atmosphere though was great. There were many teams participating, and they all had their own set of supporters to cheer them on. Good music added to the fun.

As the day wore on, and the better teams prevailed, it was easy to see how the determination and teamwork came together to help them achieve their success. I found this picture interesting because in spite of all the noise and confusion around them, this set of athletes had only one goal in mind….to row their way to glory! To me it tells a story, remain focused, look ahead, work hard, and you will achieve your goal.

If your pictures are able to tell a tell a story, they capture the imagination of those who look at them, and create a thought process in the viewers mind. Look for situations where you are able to “tell a story” through your pictures; it will make you a better photographer.


A splash of Colour

Just Boats

Making a trip back home to Cochin in South India always gives us a lot of inspiration because there are so many oppportunities to do some good photography. There is so much of colour all around you, the place in itself is quite beautiful, will loads of tall trees, so may areas with backwaters, and blue skies filled with puffy white clouds.

We  had gone out the previous day and did some good photography, but it was extremely hot and humid, and we had ended our outing earlier than we expected to, mainly because of the climate. So this morning we were not too sure as to what to do. Finally, we decided to brave the heat once again, so armed with our camera’s, off we went. We soon came to the waterfront, and decided to look around a bit.

We saw a few colourful fishing boats in the distance, but they were too far away to get a decent picture, so we went looking for a way to get closer to them. The road led us away from the sea, but we came across a small winding alley, with a lot of garbage, a couple of cats, and lots of crows, (the latter two being rather surprised at seeing us there). As we had hoped, this alley led us out back to the backwaters, and there the boats were !

We spent the next half hour or so clicking away to our hearts content, and we did get some really good pictures of these boats. The lesson learnt ? Keep exploring your options, dont settle for the standard shots…if we had not looked for a better angle/viewpoint, we could never have got this picture.